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The life and times of Robert Alton Sibley and Wanda Williams Sibley, as well as that of their parents: Ola Simmons, Jesse Lee Williams, Frances Vivian Anderson and Robert Alton Sibley Sr. 

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May you have a merry Christmas, and the very best kind of a new year

Wanda and I have mailed our Christmas card for 2004. It appears below, and at Christmas Cards you will find links to 24 of our previous cards. These are the cards that we produced ourselves, and were able to locate copies. We know the dates for some of them.

Forty-Seven Years of Sibley Family Churches

 Top left to right:
 Wilshire Baptist, Dallas, Texas
 Tallowood Baptist, Houston, Texas
 Tarrytown Baptist, Austin, Texas
 Hyde Park Baptist, Austin, Texas

 Center left to right:
 Vassar Road Baptist, Poughkeepsie, NY
 Bear Creek Baptist, Houston.Texas

 Bottom left to right:
 Second Baptist, Houston, Texas
 Broadway Baptist, Ft Worth, Texas
 First Baptist, Silver Spring, Maryland
 First Baptist, San Angelo, Texas




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